Content Ideas for the Christian Entrepreneur

Are you struggling to find consistent content for you Christian business?

In any business, people want to know the story before they are willing to buy. So creating content that resonates with them is key, especially as -Christian entrepreneurs. These are 3 ideas to get your wheels turning:

  • Share a testimonial! As an entrepreneur we’ve all had to overcome something! When people can relate to you they begin to trust you more. Hearing that you are HUMAN really goes a long way in building your authority.
  • Pick a weekly Bible verse that has resonated with you in your walk with God. Post it in your feed every Monday. Post in your stories every Thursday. This is an easy consistent win.
  • Share a worship playlist. People love music, and this is a great way to share your taste. Get people to click your link in bio by creating a playlist they can access.

So which one are you going to do this week? Comment below! I can’t wait to watch your content transform.